EP Orange Song (2023)

Canadian Beat:


Boulimique de Musique:

“The Quebec-based outfit arrives with a steamy variation of highly atmospheric rock. The theatrical female vocals oscillate between English and French passages on this gently melancholy track. An absolutely bewitching track, imbued with a mysterious sensuality.”

Only Indie Music:

“The instrumental has a lot of quality and is well produced, the beat is great and I loved the guitars. The structure and melody are great, the highlight is the great vocals that have a beautiful timbre, reminds me a little of the band The Pretenders, congratulations.”

Alt Music Radio:

“It’s a compelling track with an imaginative arrangement and an insouciant quality. The fluxional characteristics of the instrumentation are perfectly complimented by the ambrosial vocals. Great song.”

Indie O Clock:

“Powerful rock, full of energy, lively, full of attitude, intelligent and well-made instrumental, we love it”

Over Rocks:

“I really liked it for its harmony and instrumental uniformity combined with the soft, almost melodic vocal. It's an extremely pleasant song, very well produced.”


“A fairly minimal composition but one that does hold the attention because for all the slowly turned out dynamics there is something punk stirring at the same time. So the Mirrors are reflective of an act in throes of showing us some gnarl but in a way that is amenable to all. Sounds simple but it is a tough one to capture this kind of mood but Orange Song has something going on alright.”

Obscure Sound:

“Ghostly vocals and xylophone feeling around 01:10 stirs with intriguing aesthetical appeal”

Mary Cheery:

“I enjoy the vocals here, and how the song feels with those melodic guitars and some nice dreamy touch, excellent work on the harmonious arrangement and well-balanced mixing.”